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Freak-O-Rama is an Italian video production company specialized in DVD/Blu-ray bonus features.
We produce documentaries, audiocommentaries, featurettes, interviews, backstages and any kind of video/audio/text extra features

for dvd and blu ray releases.
Freak-O-Rama was born on November 21st, 2006 but, before becoming really official, had already worked on more than 60 DVD releases (especially French ones).
Since then, Freak-O-Rama has worked for important labels such as Camera Obscura, Koch Media (German and Italian division), Grindhouse Releasing,

Severin Films (USA and UK division), Shout Factory, Le Chat Qui Fume, Blue Underground, BFI, Artus Films, Kino Lorber, Code Red, Sinister Films

Another World Entertainment, Image Entertainment, eOne, Media Blasters, Splendid Films, Chelsea Video, Colosseo Films, Medusa Video,

Elephant Films and others.
So far we've worked on over 350 DVD/Blu-rays released all over the world

and we produced more than 500 featurettes.

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